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A Day Without Social Media

Hi Health Fanatics!!!

Hope you are all doing great!

Remember in my last post how I mentioned about disconnecting with social media to reconnect with oneself? Well, I tried disconnecting with social media for a day and as promised, I am going to tell you all about my routine and experience in this post.

  1. I rolled out of my bed at 8:30am and had breakfast instead of using phone like how I usually do everyday after waking up.

  2. Had little chit-chat with mom while helping her in house chores.

  3. Worked on Assignments for sometime and then listened to my growling tummy which asked for lunch. So, I listened to my tummy and had good lunch.

  4. After that I continued with my assignment followed by a good nap.

  5. I then learnt to solve Rubik's cube which was quite fun.

  6. I then had my night meal and went on a 30-minute walk to the neighborhood park.

  7. Post that I doodled and painted for sometime.

  8. Read a good book and experimented a little on canva. Do checkout my insta account @crenarts. I post all my digital art experiments there.

It was a good awakening experience as I was away from Social media's toxicity for a day. It helped my mind in calming down and it in turn made me feel very happy and sorted. I didn't have anything to bother about. It was indeed a calming experience. It's time we start taking more control over how we spend our time. We spend so much time in front of screens that we don't allow ourselves to be fully present with people around us. Time is the best currency and we don't realize we have it. Lets be accountable for how we use our time and start building relationships that are real.

I was astonished as to how many things I was able to do that day. I realized that I am capable of doing so much if I utilize time wisely and create a schedule for myself.

If it was a usual day, I would have wasted my time only on phone without any productivity. This detoxification taught me the very importance of time. From now on I will schedule my day and try to stick to it. After all small changes in ones habit goes a long way, isn't it?

I will recommend you all to try this out at least once in a month to reconnect with yourself and have more clear thoughts and goal. It will certainly give you peace of mind and feeling of genuine relaxation and happiness from within.

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