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Healthy food...Say whaaat?

Burger, Pizza, French fries, Tacos....I know you must have already started to droooool! I mean common, who doesn't like fast food, right? Especially, when you have had a long day or are on a day out with friends and family and not to forget late night munching while watching movie! I love fast food and I am drooling already while writing this post!!!!

What if I tell you I had fast food only countable number of times during my school days only because there was no fast food available in the place I lived in! This is why I developed a liking towards home food. If you ask me for a homely food date, I will always be up for the plan! To be honest I did not like fast food for the first time I had it! It took me at least 3-4 tries to actually develop taste for pizza, burger and French fries. And now I can have any fast food you offer me.

But, I am really grateful for my place to not have opened the fast food chain. I would not be who I am today if it wasn't for that place and of course my strict health freak mom.

Fast food and all is good, and I am aware that you are aware of the problems it causes to the human body. But still we have it because we love it and as the saying goes like "We live only once" right!? I strongly believe in this and hence I try to do whatever I can because we live only once. I know you all already know that where this is going...Healthy eating habits..blah...blah...blah. But we as Human needs to be reminded of good and bad repetitively because it's human nature to forget the next day that everything should be done in limit. We are all sailing on the same boat! Believe me when I say I keep munching if there is chips and I have nothing to do. But, I make sure I do not do it everyday!!! That's the key!

I am here to share my perspective with you health fanatics! I hope this resonates with you lovelies.

BTW, which plate would you choose?

Sending Virtual Hugs <3


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