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New Year, New Me!

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Hello Health Fanatics. I hope you are all doing greattt! Happy New year to all :)

"New year, new me"

A very common statement/quote! Ever heard it from your family members, colleagues, classmates, parents, kids, relatives? Haha, I bet you have! Well, when it comes to executing this very famous statement, many of us fail :( You are not alone, even I can not be consistent. Looks like we are all sailing in the same boat haha. Well, I am here to tell you the importance of positive thinking and can keep on blabbering. But, I will keep this post short and crisp!

Have you heard from people talking about detoxification from social media like Instagram, Facebook for a day or a week and sometimes even a month. Well it is because these apps and their posts takes a toll on ones mental health. But this can be avoided by letting go of unwanted accounts which give negative vibes and following only the accounts that add value to your day and gives happy and good vibes. Sounds simple right? Because it is that simple!!! I hate to brake it to you all, but the problem lies within us and not social media!

"We should control our brain, and not the other way around!"

Did this line make any sense? Lol, earlier it didn't make any sense to me either! Let's understand what it really means!

Let's say you have taken new year resolution. You have made up your mind that by hook or crook this time you will do the needful to finish your goal for this year. You may continue to work on it for a month or two and sometimes you make it to third or fourth month! Which is really impressive!! Because here you are able to control your thoughts and command your brain to accomplish your goals as a new year resolution. But, then comes a day when you don't feel like continuing it and postpone the task. It is completely alright to take time off for yourself. But then it gets addictive. Taking sometime or few days off for your self is different from postponing the goals because of laziness. I belong to the later group. Not proud about it at all! But I am working on it and hence want you lovelies to work on it as well, with me :)

Because, if later is the reason for us to stop, that's when everything starts going downhill. That's the warning phase because here we are not able to control your thoughts, instead brain is trying to control us! BOOM!! We go into the guilt phase when we have not accomplished the goal and the year end is nearing.

This has become very common now a days that people don't even enjoy taking a resolution any more and some take it just for the sake of it! This is all because of laziness, which is avoidable.

I am sure most of you must have heard about pomodoro technique. In simple words it is one of the most effective technique which is used to set specific time for tasks to work on and take good amount of breaks as well without feeling guilty!

The muse article is a savior to understand this technique in detail.

Nevertheless, keep taking breaks but do not let laziness takeover the success!

Cheers to the new journey. Let's do it together, Yaaaayyy!!!

POV: Barney Stinson cheering us up!

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