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Mind, body and soul in balance

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

What does it mean to have mind, body and soul in balance? How does one balance all these three and how are they interconnected? Why do we need to have these in balance?

Do you feel sense of anger, happiness, jealousy, anxious..etc. ? Well congratulations! You are a perfectly normal human being. Do you notice that sometimes we feel these senses in extreme and sometimes we just do not feel them even when everyone around us is having a same kind of feeling.? That happens when either our mind is disturbed or if we our health is effected. I am sure you agree with this point. And it is totally normal to feel this way when you are not alright. Your mental health and physical health needs to be alright for you to live in the moment.

It happens a lot with me. When I am supposed to feel happy, I end up overthinking and that leads to sadness. That is because my brain starts to think about the future consequences of the decision that I make in present. I start thinking if this is a temporary happiness and will cause some trouble in future. And I know most of you resonate with me here. I believe this is totally normal human nature. But, when future worries starts to spoil the present happiness, this is where all problems arises from.

This can be avoided by doing something which gives you happiness and diverts your mind. For example, doing something which you can be dancing, sketching, doing house hold chores, meditation etc. I try to distract myself by sketching, listening to music, blogging, taking a walk and recently I developed a new hobby i.e., knitting. Didn't know knitting is such a meditative process and yet fun.

I wont talk about mindful eating here as I have already spoken about it in my previous blog. Don't forget to check it out!

All I want to convey here in this post is, to have your mind, soul and body in balance, you will need to stop worrying too much about future and do things that makes you happy in the present. Simple Simple, isn't it!?

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